2019 union city high school drum major audition info

The role of the Union City High School Drum Major Team is a huge task, but very rewarding. Excellent musicianship and self-discipline is required for this job. You will work as a liaison between the directors and staff, conduct the marching ensemble, and work together with your fellow peers to reach the group’s highest potential. Students that are interested in auditioning must complete ONE season in the UCHS Marching Band before they are eligible.

Work Shop and Audition Dates  

  • Friday, May 17th 5:00 - 7:00 - Work Shop 
  • Monday, May 20th 5:00 - 7:00 - Work Shop 
  • Tuesday, May 21st 5:00 - 7:00 - Work Shop 
  • Thursday, May 23rd 4:30 - Auditions 


Skills to Learn 

• You will learn how to conduct the following tempi: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 6/8 in marcato, staccato, and legato styles. 

• You will learn a prepared piece with Mr. Blaine to conduct for the directors during your audition. 

• You will learn basic leadership skills to prepare you for the interview portion of the audition. 


• Prepared Piece - Score

• Pencil to write in your score.

Audition Requirements 

• You will be required to conduct different meters at different tempos. Mr. Blaine will ask you to conduct a tempo in a specific time signature with a certain style. Ex. Please conduct 4/4 time at 120 bpm in the staccato style. 

• You will be required to conduct the prepared piece you learned during the audition clinics. 

• You will be required to have an interview with the panel of staff about your prior experience with the UCHS Band Program and why YOU would like to step into the role of Drum Major.  

NOTE:The website will have all of the information (audio files, score, etc..) you need. If you can’t access the materials please let me know immediately. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mr. Deem, or myself at the email address below! -Blaine Bomar 


Drum Major F.A.Q.

Q: I have a friend from another school who was a drum major. Can I take lessons/work with him/her? 

A: Sure. However, Union City does have a certain “style” of conducting that works very well for us. When working with that “friend” be mindful that you will most likely learn another style, or way of conducting and leading.  

Q: Do I need to have prior conducting knowledge to audition? 

A: No! You will learn all about conducting during the clinics we provide for the audition. 

However, YouTube is an excellent source to look up videos before the clinics start.

Q: I want to be a Drum Major, but I want to audition for the instrumental solo in the show. Is this possible?

A: We could definitely look into it. A discuss with Mr. Deem & Mr. Wilkerson would have to happen first to see if it logistically would work with the show.

Q: How many Drum Majors are chosen each year? 

A: The number varies year-to-year. After the staff discusses what the show design and drill will call for we decide how many drum majors are needed to be successful. 

Q: Am I allowed to get lessons/work with the previous year’s drum major(s)?

A: YES! We highly encourage that you ask questions and work with the current drum majors. They just came off the podium, so they would be the best to ask about day-to-day tasks, conducting, and anything else you want to know. 


Audio For Auditions

The following audio will be used for 2019 Union City Drum Major auditions. Please use this as your practice and prepare for your audition. 

Silent Command – Drum Major Training Videos

If you are interested in auditioning for drum major. I would HIGHLY consider looking at this information before we start the audition process. A lot of this information is similar to what you will learn.

How to access the Silent Command Drum Major Training content:

1. Click on the link to Silent Command.

2. Login using these credentials:

Username: BlaineBomar

Password: PurpleBand#1 

3. Go to the “Stream” tab. Click on “Samuel Crawford’s name/picture”

4. It should pop up a big video screen. You can scroll through that (left-to-right) to watch the videos. Try to watch in chronological order (Ex. Conducting Fund. 1, Conducting Fund. 2, etc.). The first few of videos will be leadership based, or videos of him conducting a drum corps. Keep scrolling and then you will see the actual step-by-step videos of breaking down conducting.

5. There are other videos on the stream that you are more than welcome to look at as well.

If for any reason you cannot get logged in, or access anything. Email me at blaine_bomar@me.com immediately so I can get it fixed. As always, if you have questions let me know! -Mr. Blaine

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