Code of Conduct

As members of the Union City Instrumental Music Department you will be highly visible, not only as a musical organization, but as representatives of our school, community, and state. That responsibility and opportunity carries with it an obligation to project and maintain the absolute highest moral and performance integrity. Many of those who come into contact with us as we perform and travel will form their opinions of Union City based upon the impressions we create, both in close proximity and from a distance. Therefore, the rules of the Union City School System and individual campus program rules and regulations apply at all times. As in any situation, good judgment must always prevail.

All rules and expectations are set forth to help you enjoy your band experience to the fullest and to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience which momentary lapses in judgment may bring about. It is the goal of the Union City Instrumental Music Program, that upon our return home to Union City, you will have acquired an even greater sense of pride as a Union City Band member and as a Union City Schools musical ambassador.